How many drinks does one batch make?
Each batch makes about 5 gallons of product (75 – 9oz drinks). This gives 25 people about 3 drinks each.

How much are additional mixes?
Additional Mixes are $20.

Can I use my own Margarita Mix?
No, our mix is made exclusively for Frozen Drink Machines, other mixes will cause damage to the machine.

Does Frozen Drinks R Us supply the liquor?
No, we do not supply any liquor or alcohol beverages. Our mixes are concentrates that contain no liquor or alcohol.

What size cups do you supply?
We supply 9 oz. cups. Large cups lead to waste as guests let the drink melt and throw away and get another. Also large cups can cause machine not to keep up with the demand of the party if you have a large amount of guests.

When do you deliver the Frozen Drinks R Us machine?
2 hours prior to the event.

Can the Frozen Drink Machine operate outside?
Yes, when it is over 90 degrees Frozen Drinks R Us will provide you with an insulator for the machine.

What type of electrical connection do I need?
The machine requires a minimum 15 amp dedicated circuit. The machine needs to be placed near electrical outlet. Only use the extension cords Frozen Drinks R Us provides.

What else do you need to know?
We must be notified at the time of booking if there are any steps or stairs that may complicate the delivery.

What if I have any more questions?
If you have any questions that may arise during your party. Just give us a call.

Do I need any ice?
No, the machine will make its own.